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The only game in the world allowed to use the revolutionary, patent pending Math Arrow
Your kids will develop an intuition about numbers and see patterns for the first time!
The most exciting way for toddlers through teens to learn about numbers, shapes, addition and multiplication and practice it to perfection
Endorsed by moms, dads, teachers, and school administrators
Among its early fans include Marty Cooper, inventor of the cellular phone, and David Noah, Managing Director of Schools at Success Academy.

Quotes from educators

“An exciting new way to build number sense and learn math patterns” Lisa Platt, Principal. Solana Vista Elementary School, San Diego
“A creative way for my third graders to practice multiplication facts!” Callie Coffin, Teacher, National School District, San Diego
“My 6 year old asked me to ‘Buy it today!'” M. Tucker, Fourth Grade Teacher, Skyline Elementary, San Diego

What’s Inside

Kids learn how to count by 2s, 5s, 10s and other combinations while helping Kangaroo Kyle to get around the Australian Outback (Easy Mode), Slippery Rainforest (Medium Mode), and Challenging Sydney (Hard Mode)
Kids will find prizes, earn coins, run from Croc-E-Diles, and throw boomerangs on the outback practice range.
Custom boomerangs await those that learn and collect enough coins
Three (3) levels of difficulty are available for kids ages 3-13
Available in English, Spanish, Russian, French, and more coming

“Win the game–win the game of life!”

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