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Math Arrow Game by Sproglit

You’re a teacher. Each and every year you go above and beyond to make a positive impact on the lives of a classroom full of students. From using your own money to buy classroom supplies to spending hours at home grading papers, you are the definition of dedication.

When it comes to mathematics, naturally, not every child will automatically take to learning numbers and equations. You try to make sure each child has what he or she needs to succeed, but you notice some kids who struggle with math and others who are just disinterested.

What if we told you that we have created an educational tool that not only makes math fun and engaging for your students but also significantly increases their math comprehension?

Teachers, Meet the Math Arrow

The Math Arrow is a learning tool that makes the relationship between numbers more intuitive, friendlier and easier for kids. A randomized, controlled study was conducted in five 1st grade classrooms to determine whether “Kyle Counts” — a Sproglit Math Arrow addition and counting game—improves performance on grade-appropriate tests of addition and number sense.

You won’t believe what we found out.

  • Students in the first test group played “Kyle Counts” for 10 minutes a day for five days. After playing for a total of 50 minutes, their mean scores on an arithmetic test rose by 0.887 points, equivalent to a 7.58% improvement and an increase of 27% of the standard deviation.
  • Students in the second test group played “Kyle Counts” for 2 – 5 days. Their scores improved by .676 points, equivalent to a 5.77% improvement and an increase of 21% of the standard deviation.
  • Students who scored above the mean in a pretest increased their scores by a greater degree, equivalent to an improvement of 8 – 11%.

Even a small increase in playing time resulted in higher test scores!

Is Your Class Ready to Love Math?

Kyle Counts Math Arrow Game by Sproglit

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