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Math Arrow Game by Sproglit

Sproglit math games are designed to make learning fun! Entertaining characters, explorative journeys and exciting challenges keep kids focused and engaged while delivering powerful educational wisdom at the same time.


It’s a simple fact: Today’s youth are growing up in a world of digital experiences and most kids can’t wait to enjoy “screen time.” Our math apps tap into that desire and imbue it with learning opportunities to create a unique platform where children, parents and educators meet.

“Play, as expressed in games, is the most positive response of the human spirit to a universe of uncertainty.”

Sproglit Math Arrow Counting Games

“Kyle Counts” and “Kira Counting Game” keep children intrigued and learning:

  • First, Kangaroo Kyle and Kangaroo Kira will entice children to play, as these spunky characters hop around the Math Arrow.
  • Second, we have the crocodile, known as “Croc-e-dile.” Croc-e-dile, with his cute but looming presence, acts like a sort of countdown, chasing Kyle and Kira and adding dramatic tension to the game. Of course, the tension isn’t scary; it is simply an additional reinforcement tool for quicker math processing.
  • Next, there is the “discovery” aspect. Each level of play – from the outback to the jungle to the city — looks different and presents new challenges. Discovery elements keep kids intrigued and avoid monotony.
  • Finally, there is the “perfectionist” aspect. Kids will be able to replay levels to earn more stars and beat their previous score. This allows for continued learning until he or she has achieved mastery—and mastering mathematics is the ultimate goal!

Kyle Counts Math Arrow Game by Sproglit

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Kira Counts Back Math Arrow Game by Sproglit

Sproglit Educational Games

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