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Welcome to Sproglit! We’ve built our company to provide fun, approachable and engaging math-learning tools for kids. Whether you’re a teacher looking for the perfect math resources for your classroom or a parent searching for a kid-friendly way to keep math on the menu at home, you’ve come to the right place. Sproglit games were designed with you and your children in mind.

The Math Arrow app was made for kids, by kids.
Oh, and their dad helped, too.

 The Math Arrow is for kids aged 3 – 13. Forget flash cards and number lines, the Math Arrow helps kids to visualize and relate to numbers in a remarkable new way.

Parents and educators everywhere are discovering the incredible difference this essential new tool makes for their children, and scientific research backs up their personal experiences.

Math Arrow: Kyle Counts Educational Game

The Math Arrow – The Shape Of Math To Come!

Brigham Young University recently completed the first controlled study of the Math Arrow in practice, revealing that kids who use the Math Arrow show improvement in their math skills after using the app only 10 minutes a day for five days. Wow!

Are you ready for your kids to be excited about math time?

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