Making Math Fun at Home

Kids Play While Boosting Math Skills

If you’re used to homework being an uphill battle against your kids’ desire to just come home and enjoy some screen time after a long school day, you and your family will love the Math Arrow learning games from Sproglit.

Designed for children aged 3 – 13, our games make mathematics a learning adventure. As reported by The Economist Magazine, children seem to light up at the thought of taking Kyle for a spin around the Australian Outback in the Math Arrow game, “Kyle Counts” — quite a difference from the griping you might be used to!

Kyle Counts Math Arrow Game by Sproglit

The Math Arrow: Why it Engages Young Minds

The Math Arrow uses a variety of cues to engage with kids and help them relate to numbers an intuitive way.

  • Visual Cues: Kids see odd numbers, even numbers and multiples of five represented by unique colors and shape. Our brains automatically want to categorize the world around us, so the Math Arrow uses what the brain does naturally to support mathematical learning.
  • Auditory Cues: Math Arrow games like “Kyle Counts” orally recite the numbers when Kyle hops on them, adding another sensory element for kids’ minds to engage with. You can even have Kyle count in Spanish, French, or Russian to add a language-learning element!

Helping Children Play Smart and Get Smarter

A love for learning starts at home, with you and your child. Next time you sit down to assist with or review homework worksheets, consider adding a fun, new element to your home-learning experience: Math Arrow games!

We built our games to teach and inspire, but only you can plant the seeds for lifelong learning habits. Together, we can help kids play smart and get smarter.

Kyle Counts Math Arrow Game by Sproglit

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Kira Counts Back Math Arrow Game by Sproglit

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Math Arrow Poster from Sproglit

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