Researcher Greg Duncan conducted a scientific study gauging the impact of early math education on later career success. His findings revealed that math skill predicts career success better than such behaviors as being able to sit still and pay attention or how well a student gets along with peers or teachers. Just as surprising, it was found to be a greater indicator of success than literacy skills. Wow!

Sproglit Math Arrow classroom

Duncan suggests that when students feel confident in their math abilities, it lifts their overall confidence in every category of schoolwork. Giving kids the opportunity to succeed at math encourages them to believe in their own capabilities. Sproglit math games like Kyle Counts and Kira Counting Game achieve this with ease. They keep children intrigued, engaged and encouraged.

Sproglit Educational Games

The foundation of these games is the Math Arrow, created by Harvard economics teaching prizewinner and former White House economic advisor Todd Buchholz. Using an intuitive system of colors, shapes and a parallel zigzag design, the Math Arrow guides kids to learn number relationships by detecting patterns—a skill that the human brain is highly adept at.

Making math learning fun and simple for children aged 3 – 13 is a meaningful step towards ensuring our children’s future success. Research shows us how important it is; now it’s up to us to provide access and encouragement in our homes and classrooms.