Success Academy of Harlem

Kids of Success Academy in Harlem focused on Kyle Counts and sharpening their numbers sense.

We had an inspiring visit in Harlem last week to the Success Academy charter school on 140th Street.  Kindergarten students played Kyle Counts with great enthusiasm; several kids mastered the easy level and moved on to more challenging terrain.  Some of the kids worked in teams, cheering as they guided Kyle around the Math Arrow.  We were awed by five and six-year olds counting by 8s and 9s.

The Success Academy offers a disciplined yet uplifting approach to education.  The kids are treated with respect.  Teachers refer to their students as “Scholars.”  The classrooms are named for the college alma mater of the teacher.  At the same time, these Scholars are expected to stay focused and engaged in their lessons, which include 2 hours of math each day.

Kyle and the Sproglit team are delighted to take part in Success Academy’s inspiring program!

Learn more about Success Academy and download Kyle Counts for your iPad.