What We Learn from Taxi Drivers

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Children learn by recognizing patterns.  In fact, when they see new patterns, their brains begin to create new neural pathways.  Listen to this fascinating research concerning the London taxi driver, a noble tradition since the first horseless carriage roared past a horse in 1897.  It takes several years for would-be London cabbies to learn the location [...]

Kyle Counts is BETA

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Hi Sprogs! We reached our BETA milestone and are intensely testing our game to be released soon.  We are very excited to introduce everyone to Kangaroo Kyle, Croc-E-Dile and all of our other characters that will engage your kids in a math adventure. Feel free to like us on https://www.facebook.com/sproglit and follow us on https://twitter.com/SproglitGames. You can [...]

Helping Vocational Education

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Many high schools have phased out vocational education.  It's a shame, especially in an economy where lathe operators and pipe-fitters can earn high salaries.  Vocational education got a bad reputation in the 1960s-1980s as a dumping ground for less-talented students.  A "college-for-everyone" snobbery took over school boards.   Here's Todd Buchholz's commentary from the PBS Nightly Business Report (scroll to minute 24:20 in [...]