A unique and fascinating learning tool!
Clare Clark, Head Teacher, Eye Primary School, Peterborough, UK
Anatole Kaletsky, Reuters, Chairman of the Institute for New Economic Thinking (UK)

Freedom Prep has been using Kyle Counts with our students who need remediation in mathematics. It has been a success for our students with ADD/ADHD.

Donique C. Nobles, Head Of Elementary School-Westwood, Freedom Prep Charter Schools

As an elementary school teacher and parent of a kindergartner, I am so impressed with the Sproglit math game application. I think it is an excellent tool in helping students develop number sense. This game is very fun, what with the alligator chase, rewards and storyline built in. In fact, when I tested the game with my own son, he couldn’t wait to play it again. Way to go Sproglit!

Mary Tucker, Fourth Grade Teacher, Skyline Elementary School
I’m excited to use this as a tool in my classroom!
Callie Coffin, Third Grade Teacher, National School District

An exciting new way to build number sense and learn math patterns.

Lisa Platt, Principal, Solana Vista Elementary School
Great way to show the patterns that exist between numbers! It makes even complex math easy for kids!
Maxim Bazhenov, Ph.D., Professor of Neuroscience, University of California Riverside
Pictures that tell a thousand words, and a hundred and one numbers!
Alex Bellos, Winner of the Galileo Prize and author of Here's Looking at Euclid
A fascinating invention with Huge potential. I’m very keen to try it out with my daughter.
Shane Richmond, Chief Technology Editor, Daily Telegraph


Martin Cooper, Inventor of the cellular phone
The Math Arrow is a terrific step forward in helping students learn math, numbers and their relationships!
David Ciulla, Executive Director, ReadWorks

A fascinating visual representation of numbers that doesn’t exist right now. There’s nothing else like this. It’s the next generation of the 100’s chart!

David Noah, Managing Director of Schools, Success Academy
I’m excited for the privilege of using this new program. The tactile experience helps kids see number patterns, and the sound effects reinforce their learning.
Cathy Goldberg, Preschool and Kindergarten Principal, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California