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Mission Statement:

We use innovative learning methodologies to develop engaging educational tools for children. Our tools help children to grow their skills in a fun and exciting learning environment.

Vision Statement:

At Sproglit, our aim is to revolutionize education by creating innovative engaging games that challenge children to practice basic skills they learn in school; at all levels, in a variety of subjects.


Innovation : only Sproglit games feature the Math Arrow–a new step in understanding numbers

Integrity : Kids can play safely and learn new concepts, without aggressive advertising or inappropriate communications

Fun : Sproglit games and characters excite kids, sparking their imaginations

Achievement : watch kids smiles when they race around the Math Arrow, while learning arithmetic and geometry.

Education : Sproglit is dedicated to educating children so they can achieve their goals and open up a new world of opportunity.


Sproglit is a dynamic new start-up with an important mission!

Sproglit’s proprietary methods are based on the inventions of Todd Buchholz, winner of Harvard’s annual teaching prize in economics, and Victoria Buchholz, who researches neuropsychology at Cambridge University.